How To Deep Clean Your Room

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the clutter and mess in your room, it’s time to deep clean. A deep clean involves more than just tidying up – it means getting into every nook and cranny and giving your space a thorough cleaning. In this article, we’ll go over the steps for how to deep clean your room.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you get started, gather all the supplies you’ll need. This includes cleaning products, such as all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and furniture polish, as well as cleaning tools like a vacuum, dusting cloth, and mop. Make sure you have everything you need before you begin.


The first step in deep cleaning your room is to declutter. This means getting rid of anything that doesn’t belong, such as trash, dirty dishes, and clothes on the floor. Once you’ve cleared the clutter, you’ll have a better idea of what needs to be cleaned.

Dust Everything

Next, it’s time to dust everything. Use a dusting cloth or microfiber cloth to wipe down all surfaces, including furniture, shelves, and decor. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Clean the Windows and Mirrors

Now it’s time to clean the windows and mirrors. Use a glass cleaner and a clean cloth to wipe down all the glass surfaces in your room. Don’t forget to clean the frames and sills as well.

Vacuum and Mop the Floors

After dusting and cleaning the glass, it’s time to focus on the floors. Vacuum the carpet and any rugs in your room, and mop hard floors. Make sure to get under furniture and in corners.

Clean the Bedding

One of the most important parts of deep cleaning your room is cleaning the bedding. Strip the bed and wash all the bedding, including sheets, pillowcases, and comforters.

Wipe Down Furniture

Next, wipe down all the furniture in your room. Use an all-purpose cleaner and a clean cloth to clean surfaces, such as dressers, nightstands, and desks.

Clean the Walls

If your walls are looking a little dingy, it’s a good idea to give them a quick clean. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the walls, paying special attention to spots and stains.

Clean the Closet

Don’t forget to clean out your closet. Take everything out, and sort through your clothes. Donate or get rid of anything you don’t wear anymore, and then wipe down the closet shelves and rod.

Clean the Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can collect dust and grime over time. Use a clean cloth to wipe down any light fixtures in your room, making sure to turn off the power first.

Organize Your Belongings

Now that everything is clean, it’s time to organize. Put everything back in its place, and consider investing in storage solutions, such as bins or shelves, to help keep your room tidy.


Q: How often should I deep clean my room?

A: It’s a good idea to deep clean your room at least once a year, but you may want to do it more often if you have allergies or if you’re prone to clutter.

Q: What if I don’t have all the cleaning supplies I need?

A: If you don’t have all the supplies you need, make a list and go shopping before you start cleaning. You don’t want to be halfway through the process only to realize you don’t have the right cleaner.

Q: How long does it take to deep clean a room?

A: The time it takes to deep clean a room depends on the size of the room and the amount of clutter. It could take anywhere from a few hours to a full day.


Deep cleaning your room can be a daunting task, but it’s worth it when you see the results. By following these steps and using the right supplies, you can have a clean and organized space in no time. Remember to declutter, dust, clean the windows and mirrors, vacuum and mop the floors, clean the bedding, wipe down furniture, clean the walls, clean the closet, clean the light fixtures, and organize your belongings.