How To Finish A Cutting Board

Finishing a cutting board is an essential step to keep it in good condition and ensure its longevity. Here are some steps on how to finish a cutting board.

Clean and Sand the Cutting Board

Before applying any finish, you need to clean and sand the cutting board properly. Start by washing the board with soap and water, and then let it dry completely. Once it’s dry, use sandpaper to sand the board until it’s smooth. Make sure to remove any rough edges or splinters.

Choose the Right Finish

There are many finishes available for cutting boards, but not all of them are food safe. When choosing a finish, make sure it’s safe for use with food. Some popular options include mineral oil, beeswax, and walnut oil.

Apply the Finish

Once you’ve chosen a safe finish, it’s time to apply it to the cutting board. Use a clean cloth or brush to apply a thin layer of the finish to the board. Make sure to cover all sides and edges of the board. Let the finish soak in for a few hours before applying a second coat.

Repeat the Process

Repeat the process of applying the finish and letting it soak in until the board no longer absorbs the finish. This may take several coats, depending on the type of wood and the finish you’re using.

Let the Board Dry

After applying the final coat of finish, let the cutting board dry completely. This may take a few days, depending on the type of finish and the humidity in your area.

Buff the Board

Once the board is dry, use a clean cloth to buff it and remove any excess finish. This will give the board a smooth and polished look.


Why do I need to finish my cutting board?

Finishing your cutting board helps to protect it from moisture, bacteria, and other harmful elements that can damage the wood and affect the quality of your food.

What is the best finish for a cutting board?

The best finish for a cutting board is one that is safe for use with food, such as mineral oil, beeswax, or walnut oil.

How often should I refinish my cutting board?

It’s recommended to refinish your cutting board every few months, or as needed, depending on how often you use it.


Finishing a cutting board is an important step to protect it and ensure its longevity. By following these steps and using a safe finish, you can keep your cutting board in good condition and enjoy using it for years to come.