How To Paint Exterior Of House

How to Paint Exterior of House

Painting the exterior of your house can be a daunting task, but with a little bit of planning and preparation, you can achieve a professional-looking finish. Here are some tips on how to paint exterior of house:

Choose the Right Time

The best time to paint the exterior of your house is during the dry and warm months. This will ensure that the paint dries properly and does not get affected by humidity. Typically, spring and fall are the best seasons for painting.

Prepare the Surface

Before you start painting, you need to prepare the surface. This involves cleaning the walls and removing any loose paint, dirt, or grime. You can use a power washer or a stiff-bristled brush to clean the surface. Then, scrape off any loose paint using a scraper.

Repair Any Damage

If there are any cracks or holes in the walls, you need to repair them before painting. Fill the cracks and holes with caulk or putty and let it dry completely. Sand the surface to make it smooth.

Protect the Surrounding Area

Painting can be messy, so it’s important to protect the surrounding area. Cover the ground with a drop cloth and use painter’s tape to mask off any areas that you don’t want to paint, such as windows, doors, and trim.

Choose the Right Paint

Choosing the right paint is crucial for a successful exterior painting job. Look for a high-quality paint that is designed for outdoor use. Make sure to choose a color that complements the style of your house.

Use the Right Tools

Using the right tools can make a big difference in the quality of your paint job. Invest in a good-quality paintbrush and roller. You may also need a sprayer for hard-to-reach areas.

Apply the Paint

When you’re ready to start painting, begin at the top of the house and work your way down. Use a brush to paint the trim and edges, then use a roller to apply the paint to the larger areas. Apply two coats of paint, waiting for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat.

Clean Up

When you’re finished painting, clean up the area. Remove the drop cloth and painter’s tape, and dispose of any paint cans and brushes properly. Wash your brushes and rollers thoroughly with soap and water.


How long does it take to paint the exterior of a house?

The time it takes to paint the exterior of a house depends on the size of the house and the number of coats needed. Generally, it takes about a week to paint the exterior of a medium-sized house.

Do I need to prime before painting?

It’s recommended to prime the surface before painting, especially if the walls are in bad condition or if you’re changing the color of the paint. Primer helps the paint adhere better and provides a more even finish.

What if it rains during the painting process?

If it starts raining during the painting process, stop immediately and wait for the surface to dry completely before continuing. If the surface is wet, the paint won’t adhere properly and will peel off.


Painting the exterior of your house can be a challenging task, but with the right tools and techniques, you can achieve a professional-looking finish. Remember to choose the right time, prepare the surface, protect the surrounding area, choose the right paint, use the right tools, apply the paint properly, and clean up when you’re finished.