How To Restring Weedwacker

How to Restring Weedwacker – A Comprehensive Guide

If you own a weedwacker, you know how important it is to keep the string fresh and taut. Here’s a guide on how to restring weedwacker properly.

Step 1: Turn off the Weedwacker

Before you begin to restring the weedwacker, make sure it’s turned off. This is important for safety reasons.

Step 2: Remove the Spool

The spool is the part of the weedwacker that holds the string. Remove it carefully by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3: Clean the Spool

Use a dry cloth to clean the spool. This will help you see the notches where the string will be placed.

Step 4: Measure the String

Measure the length of the string you need. It’s important to use the correct length, as too much or too little string can cause problems.

Step 5: Insert the String into the Notch

Insert one end of the string into the notch on the spool. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to do this properly.

Step 6: Wind the String

Wind the string in the direction indicated by the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure it’s wound tightly and evenly.

Step 7: Secure the String

Secure the end of the string in the notch on the spool. Make sure it’s secured tightly and won’t come loose.

Step 8: Replace the Spool

Replace the spool carefully, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 9: Test the Weedwacker

Test the weedwacker to make sure it’s working properly. If it’s not, you may need to restring it again.


Q: How often should I restring my weedwacker?

A: It’s recommended that you restring your weedwacker every 10-15 hours of use.

Q: What type of string should I use?

A: There are many types of string available, but make sure to use the type recommended by the manufacturer.

Q: How do I know if the string is too tight or too loose?

A: If the string is too tight, it may break easily. If it’s too loose, it may not cut grass effectively. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how tight the string should be.

Q: Can I reuse the old string?

A: It’s not recommended to reuse old string, as it may be weak and can break easily.


Restringing your weedwacker is an important maintenance task that should be done regularly. By following these simple steps, you can ensure your weedwacker is working properly and cutting grass effectively.