What do you serve with cheese fondue?

Serve cheese fondue with bread like a French baguette, Granny Smith apples, greens like broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, pretzels, pears and cornichons for dipping.

Serve cheese fondue with bread like a French baguette, Granny Smith apples, veggies like broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, pretzels, pears and cornichons for dipping.

Likewise, what appetizers pass with fondue? And it’s so easy to make! I like cheese but my love for cheese fondue maybe stronger.


  • Cooked ham or turkey.
  • Grilled beef or chicken.
  • Roasted mushrooms.
  • Boiled new potatoes.
  • Chunks of pineapple or pears.
  • Baby carrots.
  • Boiled shrimp.
  • Steamed broccoli or cauliflower.

Beside this, what meat is going with cheese fondue?

Feature a bit of grilled steak, poached chicken, or cooked ham, all which flavor even larger with a bit of melted cheese. Cured meats, like beef jerky, kielbasa, pepperoni, salami, and sausage are all fun and flavorful dippers that will convey slightly of spice in your fondue pot.

What aspect dishes move with meat fondue?

Accompaniments. A meal such as just pork is rather plain, and an off-the-cuff meal like fondue isn’t any exception. Serve each visitor a few pieces of par-cooked potato or child potatoes, blanched pearl onions, candy pepper spears, mushrooms or different excellent vegetables.

Is cheese fondue a first-rate course?

In Switzerland, Fondue is Cheese Fondue Cheese fondue is a standard Swiss dish that originated within the Alps, mainly in and across the canton of Valais (French) / Wallis (German). Finally, fondue is always served as the main dish, no longer an appetizer or as part of a multicourse meal.

What do you serve at a fondue party?

First Course: Cheese. After I throw a fondue party, I love to start off with the cheese course, in melted form of course. Spinach And Artichoke Fondue. French Onion Cheese Fondue. Butternut Squash “Cheese” Fondue. Pizza Fondue. Dessert Course: Chocolate. Easy S’mores Fondue.

What dessert goes with cheese fondue?

Dessert Fondue Thoughts Test strawberries, bananas, cream puffs, Rice Krispies Treats, pretzels and pound cake. A fondue party’s dessert does not have to prevent at chocolate. Molten caramel is scrumptious with apple and pear slices or cheesecake bites.

What is a meat fondue?

Fondue chinoise (lit. “Chinese fondue”) is a traditional name for warm pot, in which meat and veggies are cooked in a shared pot of broth, or just dip the thinly sliced meat with a fondue fork into boiling broth with salad as aspect dish.

What do you dip in oil fondue?

Beef, red meat and hen are classic meats utilized in oil fondue recipes, yet any boneless meat that holds its form whilst cooked in warm oil will do. Trim the fat and cut the beef into bite-sized cubes. If you’re using beef, choose a young reduce like sirloin, tenderloin or filet mignon.

How do you blanch greens for fondue?

Blanched vegetables: broccoli, asparagus, eco-friendly beans, snow peas, or snap peas. Blanch in a pot of gently salted boiling water for a minute or two to melt them up only a bit. Drain them good earlier than placing them out on a serving tray.

What meat do you use for fondue?

The finest cuts, besides the fact that children usually more expensive, are tenderloin or filet mignon. This would cook dinner for your taste, rare, medium or good done—and remain juicy and tender. Sirloin is an alternative choice that can work well.

What do you drink with fondue?

Don’t drink whatever yet those three beverages: Sip basically white wine, kirsch, or a tisane of natural tea with your fondue meal. Per Swiss lore, any other drink—be it water, juice, or beer—will cause the melted cheese to coagulate and shape an enormous ball in your stomach, leaving you with debilitating indigestion.

What vegetables are good for oil fondue?

The selection of veggies used is dictated through your taste buds, but some well alternatives for fondue are peppers, carrots, child corn, parsnips, zucchini, squash, eggplant and onions. Necessarily workout extreme caution when eating from a fondue pot because the oil and cheese can attain an exceedingly high temperature.

How do you serve brie cheese?

Method 2 of 3: Serving Brie Depart the brie out at room temperature for 1 hour. Serve the brie by way of reducing it right into a wedge. Vicinity the cheese on undeniable bread or crackers to have fun with its user-friendly taste. Pair the cheese with sweet fruit or nuts to complement its flavors. Select a fruity or acidic drink to pair with brie.

How do you throw a fondue party?

Gruyere Cheese Fondue In a large bowl, toss collectively the cheese and cornstarch. Deliver the wine and cider to a simmer in a big pot. Keeping the heat low, steadily stir within the cheese till melted. Transfer to a fondue pot and serve with bread cubes and apple slices.

What salad is going with fondue?

For veggies on the side, definitely do a eco-friendly salad, ideally with some bitter greens to balance the richness of the fondue. A uncooked fennel salad – thinly sliced fennel dressed with lemon juice and salt – will be a nice side, too. For the chocolate fondue, do not forget the marshmallows.

Is Fondue an appetizer?

Cheese Fondue Appetizer. Make this Cheese Fondue Appetizer in your next party! Fondues are necessarily a hit. Simply the belief of dipping right into a rich bowl of melted cheese on a chilly winters night…it seems like food perfection.