Who is on the Board of Directors of Comcast?

For a quicker resolution, attempt the administrative customer support team at (888) 966-7794.

Brian L. Roberts (Nov 2002–)

One may also ask, who owns Comcast cable company? Comcast

Keeping this in view, who are the main shareholders of Comcast?

Right 10 Owners of Comcast Corp

Stockholder Stake Shares owned
The Forefront Group, Inc. 8.72% 395,661,666
BlackRock Fund Advisors 4.39% 199,231,841
SSgA Money Management, Inc. 3.84% 174,110,405
Capital Study & Management Co. 2.95% 134,005,521

How do I contact the CEO of Comcast?

For a quicker resolution, attempt the executive customer service crew at (888) 966-7794.

What does the CEO of Comcast make?

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts earned $32.5 million in total compensation in 2017, a bit below the approximately $33 million he earned in 2016, according to an SEC filing.

What businesses does Comcast own?

Here’s The Insanely Lengthy Record Of Matters Comcast Might Own After Buying Time Warner Cable Here’s every little thing Comcast presently owns: NBCUniversal. Television. NBC Television Network. NBC Regional Media Division. NBC New York (WNBC) Telemundo. KVEA (Los Angeles) Tv Channels. Bravo. Film. Widespread Pictures. Parks and Resorts.

How many workers does Comcast have 2019?

As of 2019 the company has a complete of 184,000 employees.

How a lot is Ralph Roberts worth?

Ralph J Roberts Web Worth. The anticipated Web Valued at of Ralph J Roberts is a minimum of $72.9 Million funds as of two January 2015. Ralph Roberts owns over 504,174 units of Comcast stock worth over $38,107,033 and over the past 17 years Ralph bought CMCSA stock worth over $34,775,477.

Who is president of NBCUniversal?

Jeff Wachtel Named

Who is the president of Comcast in Philadelphia?

Brian L. Roberts

What are the names of cable companies?

The 5 Best Cable TV Vendors Charter Spectrum. Bendy Bundle Deals. Xfinity. A good number of Channel Packages. Cox Communications. High Customer Satisfaction. Frontier Communications. HD Picture. Mediacom. Style Specific Add ons.

Who is the move agent for Comcast?

For data on shifting your Comcast shares, please contact our move agent, EQ Shareowner Services, at 1-888-883-8903, or go to www. shareowneronline/comcast.com.

Does Xfinity have an information cap 2019?

No Minimize to Information Utilization For users who generally use more than 1 terabyte (TB) of data per month or who do not want to pay for overages, we offer an Unlimited Information Option. Data utilization is Limitless whilst enrolling in this plan. The Limitless Data Option fees another $50 according to month.

What became Comcast referred to as before?

American Cable Systems

Does Comcast possess universal?

As part of its NBCUniversal division, Comcast owns and operates its subject matter park subsidiary Universal Parks and Resorts.

How much is Comcast worth 2019?

To be precise, Comcast internet valued at in 2019 is predicted at $205.58 billion.

Does GE possess Comcast?

In 2011, Comcast attained 51% and thereby the manage of newly reformed NBCUniversal, by way of purchasing stocks from GE, while GE bought out Vivendi. Considering that 2013, the corporate has been entirely owned by way of Comcast, which purchased GE’s ownership stake.

Who owns Comcast & Time Warner?

AT&T is buying Time Warner for $85 billion after overcoming a hindrance from the Justice Department. The Murdoch household has agreed to promote the vast majority of its 21st Century Fox empire to Disney. Comcast plans to crash that manage a much better offer.