Who is the narrator of green days by the river?

Green Days by the River through Michael Anthony.

In 1954 a 15-year-old boy from Trinidad comes of age.

Additionally, what is the placing of green days through the river? Green Days through the River. Green Days By way of The River is a 2017 Trinidadian drama film, directed by way of Michael Mooleedhar. Set in 1952 Trinidad, the movie follows Shell an bold African village boy struggling with poverty and his sick father unearths solace in a wealthy Indian farmer, Mr.

Consequently, who wrote Green Days by the River?

Michael Anthony

Where Was Green Days by the River filmed?

The film played in Barbados, Belize and The Bahamas and remains walking in Grenada, Guyana and St Lucia. A coming of age story, ‘Green Days by the River‘ tells the story of a teenaged boy, Shell, who is hard-pressed to make a choice from two girls, the outgoing country lady Rosalie and the sweet city lady Joan.

What is the subject matter of eco-friendly days through the river?

“Green Days through the River” is one that offers with a teenager growing to maturity and during this period of self development, teenagers are confronted with social and private issues, thus, the radical may well be categorised as a problem novel. Some themes within the novel are love, friendship, growth and demise of a adored one.

Who turned into Michael Anthony?

Michael Anthony Sobolewski (born June 20, 1954) is an American musician who is presently the bassist and backing vocalist for the rock supergroups Chickenfoot and the Circle. Anthony was formerly the bassist and historical past vocalist for Van Halen from 1974 to 2006.