Who wrote Michael Jackson off the wall?


Off the Wall
Label Epic
Producer Quincy Jones
Michael Jackson chronology
The Best of Michael Jackson (1975) Off the Wall (1979) One Day in Your Life (1981)

Also Know, how a lot is Michael Jackson Off The Wall album? MICHAEL JACKSON SIGNED OFF THE WALL ALBUM – Present price: $3250.

Then, what yr did Michael Jackson off the wall come out?

August 10, 1979

Was off the wall Michael Jackson’s first solo album?

Classic ‘Off the Wallalbum re-released February 26, 2016 Michael Jackson’s first solo album on Epic Records, Off The Wall, will be re-released on February 26, 2016 as a CD/DVD with the recent documentary, Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall, directed by using Spike Lee.

How many GRAMMYs did Michael Jackson win for Off the wall?

All of those musical geniuses went on to further greatness within the years that followed their participation in Jackson’s fifth studio album. After operating on Off The Wall, the five of them went directly to win a combined 27 GRAMMYs.

How much did Michael Jackson make from thriller?

What is obvious is that the release of “Thriller” kicked off a period of massive income for Jackson, with Forbes reporting that the “King of Pop” pulled in $134 million (from album sales, vacationing and other sources) in just the two years following the album’s release.

When did Rod Temperton die?


Who wrote bad?

Michael Jackson

How historical became Michael Jackson on Bad Tour?

During the December 11 exhibit in Tokyo, nine-year-old Ayana Takada became selected to receive a certificate via Jackson to commemorate the 4 millionth person to attend the tour. Five performances in Los Angeles have been held to finish the excursion on January 27, 1989.

How much did Mystery cost?

THE “THRILLER” MUSIC VIDEO COST $500,000. The Showtime cable network footed $300,000 of the price range for the rights to first air the music video and the “making of” feature, with MTV paying remainder to broadcast it after Showtime.

Is Michael Jackson regarded disco?

Michael Jackson: Disco Era. Some of Michael Jackson’s most well known songs are categorized as disco. It was during the disco era, the 1970s, that Michael Jackson began his solo career. Songs like “Rock With You” and ” Off the Wall” are examples of Michael’s work in disco, and shows his flexibility as a crossover artist.

How did Rod Temperton die?


What does the expression off the wall mean?

According to the Ancient Dictionary of American Slang off the wall is an expression which may come from sports: The phrase off the wall, which means wild, crazy, or eccentric is first unambiguously attested to in F.L. Brown’s 1959 Trumbull Park: All of us mentioned thanks in our possess off-the-wall ways.

What is the 1st album of Michael Jackson?

Irving Berlin’s Easter Parade (Original Movement Image Soundtrack)

Who performed bass on off the wall?

Louis Johnson

How many copies of bad were sold?

Bad offered 7 million copies worldwide in its first week. After a year, it had improved to 18 million copies. By using 1989, it had grow to be the world’s second-best-selling album, at the back of Thriller, having offered 22 million copies worldwide.

What did Michael vow when reacting to only winning a Grammy Award for his album Off The Wall?

Jackson’s Remedy at the Grammys Motivated Thriller Surprisingly, Off the Wall merely won one Grammy, for Finest Male R&B Performance for “Don’t Discontinue ‘Til You Get Enough.” It wasn’t even provided in the course of the telecast. It dissatisfied Jackson a lot that he vowed that his next record will be a lot bigger.

What was the album before thriller?

Studio albums Name Album details Forever, Michael Released: January 16, 1975 Label: Motown Formats: 8-track, cassette, LP Off the Wall Released: August 10, 1979 Label: Epic Formats: Reel-to-reel, LP, cassette, 8-track, MD Mystery Released: November 30, 1982 Label: Epic Formats: Reel-to-reel, LP, cassette, 8-track, CD, MD